relief. silence comes2

relief. silence comes. – Naviar Records (NR003)


memory discharge

memory discharge (lp) – Hortus Conclusus Records


EV021 - front

EYES THAT PARALYZE! (lp) – Cian Orbe



Most recent collections first, clickable links to downloads etc. (if presently available):

EV032: la bufera infernal – to be released October 2017?
EV031: burning wheel – Out of Print (OOP)
EV030: work in progress…
EV029: Deviant Behavior – split ep with Filmy Ghost [Cian Orbe, CIOR-77]
EV028: a seasonal quartet (ep) – [Soundcloud only]
EV027: connection – unreleased
EV026: the widening gyre – unreleased
EV025: the rose tree – due to be released August 2017 [Studio4632]
EV024: memory discharge [Hortus Conclusus Records]
EV023: wilderness exhibition [Cian Orbe, CIOR-52]
EV022: nuclear folklore [Petroglyph528]
EV021: eyes that paralyze! – [Cian Orbe, CIOR-99]
EV020: immune generation
EV019: corrosive eternity
EV018: relief. silence comes. [Naviar Records, NR003]
EV016: approaching [Petroglyph513]
EV015: innate soup (ep) – OOP
EV014: broadcast
EV013: arpeggios I & II – unreleased
EV012: arpeggios II (ep) – OOP
EV011: arpeggios I (ep)
EV010: window – OOP
EV009: venture – OOP
EV008: four eps – OOP
EV007: channel (ep) – OOP
EV006: viable (ep) – OOP
EV005: fracture (ep) – OOP
EV004: weave – OOP
EV003: transform – OOP
EV002: twelve (ep) – OOP
EV001: beginnings – OOP