Formed near Liverpool in 2016, earthborn visions is an ambient electronica project exploring the links between music, sound, technology and randomness.

The main protagonist is Mike Sweeney with occasional, ad-hoc collaborators.

A selection of more recent tracks is available at our soundcloud page, and a selected discography is downloadable from iTunes or the project’s bandcamp page.

Selected reviews:

The band’s first ever published review (of our album ‘transform’) was written by Dave Allison of Custom Made Music:

A captivating collection of beautiful tones and moods built by abstract synths, wandering acoustic guitars and minimalist drones.

Naviar Records featured the band in a Spotlight feature in late November 2016:

The music included in earthborn visions’ latest release is intense and truly inspiring. With ten delicate ambient tracks comprising of synth and field recordings, ‘window’ creates a dynamic, constantly evolving  soundscape.

To coincide with the release of ‘relief. silence comes.‘, Marco Alessi at Naviar Records got in touch to do an extended Spotlight feature and interview. There’s also been a few early reviews of the album that have all been very pleasingly positive 🙂