relief. silence comes… some background…

relief. silence comes2

A bit of (recent) history…

earthborn visions started out back in June 2016 and had self-released some albums and eps (in admirable quantity but variable quality), made some great contacts and listened to a lot of excellent new music, mainly via Soundcloud.

Every Wednesday I eagerly awaited the latest Naviarhaiku and used the invariably inspiring choice of poem to act as a catalyst to develop a piece of music. Consequently, it was a big (and very cool) surprise when Marco Alessi got in touch right at the end of December 2016 to ask if earthborn visions would be interested in releasing an album via Naviar Records. After about a nanosecond of deliberation I excitedly said ‘yes!’

The album came together fairly quickly during January 2017. I’d send a few demo tracks to Marco, he’d suggest changes that might be made and I’d work on developing the sound and incorporate some of his ideas. It was a great experience working with another set of ears, especially collaborating with someone with a wide-ranging understanding of the ambient genre. There were a few (amiable) disagreements about excessive use of koto samples, the appropriate use of strings and the relative volume of field recordings, but we got there in the end! A few tunes were discarded along the way, but finally an album’s worth of music was agreed upon and the track listing was sorted out.

The seven tracks were written at a time when I was exploring the use of generative / random ideas to develop melodies. I’d use my guitar to come up with a simple, conventional chord progression, switch to Logic to translate the progression into a more ambient sound space using synths / pads / strings, and then use random ideas plus my own taste to work on the melodies and harmonies. I was also aiming for a darker, more unsettling undercurrent to the tracks by adding unexpected tones, randomly garbled vocals and shifts in mood and tempo – hopefully taking the listener on an occasionally challenging but ultimately harmonious journey.

‘relief. silence comes.’ is definitely the most coherent collection I’ve released so far – please take a listen to the teaser and get ready for the full release on 20 April!

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