distrokid – first impressions


I’ve been doing lots of research recently into getting some of my music to iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc. Given that I’m pretty prolific, the ‘pay per album’ model used by sites like tuneCORE wasn’t going to be cost effective. I was looking for an unlimited upload option with a flat (low or free) annual fee.

I initially tried ONErpm (free but they do take a % of royalties). However, despite their tagline to ‘Leave No Artist Behind’, after lots of emailing back and forth with their customer service department, I subsequently discovered that ‘ONErpm is no longer distributing ambient sound albums’… which isn’t particularly useful for the kind of noise I produce!

I’ve ultimately opted for distrokid, choosing for the basic ‘Musician’ plan ($19.99 a year*). You get to keep 100% of royalties (if I’m lucky enough to get any…) and there’s unlimited uploads to all the major stores and streaming services.

As an experiment I uploaded 3 of my recent albums last Sunday morning (12 March). The process was very straightforward, however the basic plan doesn’t allow you to set prices yourself (you need one of the more expensive plans to have that option). By this lunchtime (14 March), the albums were ‘live’ on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Deezer and probably some other places I haven’t checked yet. Much quicker than I expected!

So… first impressions? Very economical, easy to use, basic interface, good email communication, very transparent fees, seems to be very quick at getting your music into stores… it appears to be the solution I was looking for to augment my bandcamp / other netlabel releases 🙂

*If you were thinking of joining and would like 7% off the first year fee, then please feel free to use this link: https://distrokid.com/vip/seven/660756 (I’ll get some $ for the referral, I think!)


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