After many years in hiding, earthborn visions was released into the outside world at the end of May 2016.

From our first tentative steps on soundcloud, to a presence on bandcamp, twitter, and Facebook, the project has evolved at an encouraging pace. It’s been a fascinating and educational journey. As a bonus, there have been a couple of nice surprises along the way. Firstly, discovering the often amazing quality of (conventionally) unreleased music that can be found on sites such as soundcloud and bandcamp. In addition, the encouragement and positive feedback that’s been given generously by other like-minded music lovers and makers. The sense of community offered by sites such as Ambient Online, Naviar Records’ Haiku and the Disquiet Junto Project has opened my ears to some brilliant music and ideas. Thanks to everyone!

Over the last six months, earthborn visions has been pretty (too?!) prolific, putting out six albums and seven eps. As the year draws to a close I wanted to put together a compilation of those tracks that are personal favourites or that best represent the sound / style that we’re aiming for (we’re not there yet…) The album’s not necessarily a ‘Best Of’, but a sampler that brings together a summary of our initial, frenetic output.

MMXVI is a collection of fifteen tracks, compiled in the order they were recorded. I’ve taken one track off each of our releases and added a couple more recent songs submitted for the haiku / disquiet junto projects. The tracks were remastered yesterday to get consistent levels and tame a few nasty frequencies. You can take a listen and download it from our bandcamp page.





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