burning wheel (lp)

burning wheel

This new collection was recorded as a personal challenge – to write eight distinct (vaguely) melodic songs in one day using just one synth.

The tracks were all recorded, mixed and mastered on 7 June 2017 and, as an exercise in impermanence, will be deleted from bandcamp at the end of the month!

memory discharge (lp)

memory discharge

Our latest album has just been released by the excellent netlabel, Hortus Conclusus Records. This dark, eerie collection seeks to capture and reflect on the impermanent nature of memory and take you on a journey through haunting, sometimes disturbing soundscapes.

The album is available for free download from Hortus Conclusus or ‘name your price’ from our Bandcamp page.

Here’s a short trailer featuring the opening of the first track, ‘Early Legacy’:

the terrible mud


I’m honoured to have the closing track on ‘House of Shadows – A Tribute to Sidney Sime‘, particularly as the artist was from my local area, being born in Manchester and later studying at Liverpool School of Art.

My track ‘the terrible mud’ is inspired by Sime’s beautiful but disconcerting drawing of the same title…


The full album, featuring thirteen other artists is available to download (for free) from Cian Orbe.


IT’S HERE! relief. silence comes.

relief. silence comes2

I’m really excited and proud to announce that my latest album has just been released by one of my favourite communities and record labels, Naviar Records. Recorded in January 2017, the album came together relatively quickly with some really useful guidance and input by Marco Alessi.

Here’s a short video trailer for one of the tracks ‘dreams forgotten’:


There’s also a teaser on Soundcloud featuring a few tracks from the album:


The album’s available from Naviar Records’ Bandcamp page as a digital download or, if you’d like something more tangible, there’s this rather cool looking cassette version: